Workshops and Presentations

Musculo-skeletal Health

We know that sitting is bad for us-but what can we do to change that? The majority of jobs now involve sitting for hours and hours a day and this presentation will explain exactly how sitting affects the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) and our posture and what we can do about t whilst at work.

-Why muscles become tight
-Why muscles become weak
-How this affects the skeleton
-Why sitting is so bad
-very simple exercises that can be implemented at your desk immediately to reduce the detrimental effects of sitting.
-Why strength is so important and how to utilise and improve your strength.

I’ll even show you a magic trick!

Lose your limitations, Release the Belief!

In this presentation we look at:

How we achieve – what is it we need to achieve anything in life from a successful job application, a sporting achievement, losing weight, starting a family.

What is it that motivates you?
What are your priorities? Are they ordered correctly and how do you fit them into your day?
What limits do you put n yourself? How can we lose these limitations?
Do you have goals or would you like to and what are they?